Our Mission

We aspire to change the aging narrative from dependence to engagement, through the use of technology that empowers Seniors, fosters spiritual well-being, eases the strain on Family Care Managers, and promotes the moral joy and satisfaction that comes from supportive, loving interaction with family and friends.

New American Dream, here.

Our Vision

We believe that the spiritual well-being of Seniors is as important as the physical well-being. We envision a safe and secure world for Seniors where they are able to age in place in their own homes, supported by family care managers and healthcare providers who work more effectively together to support the Senior’s health, safety, and security. We envision an engaging world for Seniors that promotes social affiliation, group activities, and interaction within a caring community. Finally, we envision a virtual world for seniors that gives them the opportunity to expand their horizons, relive happy moments, and participate in new activities that give them satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, and spiritual well-being.

Our Purpose

MyOpusDei is a worldwide ecosystem platform to form self-sufficient, retirement groups of family and friends. We are a gathering point of contributed IoT software and virtual places from around the globe that support Social Engagement, Cost/Income Management, and Spiritual Hope.

See this 2 minute video to learn how little time is left.

Next Steps...

If you support our vision and wish to contribute, just send us an email or give us a call.