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    ●Product Introduction
    VERDE is an e-cigarette manufacturer and supplier in China. We have a unique research and development team. We own the trademark “Greencig” and obtain our own patents in e-cigarette. We also supply heat-not-burn tobacco. We will provide excellent service and competitive price for you.
    ●Product Parameter
    ISMO-I Product Parameter
    Battery TypeHigh Rate Lithium Battery
    Battery Capacity650mAh
    USBmicro USB
    Heating Slice MaterialMCH Ceramic Heating plate
    Smoking Time150s
    Preheating Time<10s
    Heating Temperature280℃-310℃

    ●Product Feature and Application
    〉First generation of ISMO heat-not-burn e-cigarettes
    〉Compact designed and light to carry
    〉Simple operation
    〉Own the patent applications of MCH ceramic heating tablets
    〉650mAh lithium battery
    〉Use micro USB, enable to quick charge
    〉Heating up to 280℃-310℃, less nicotine, no tar
    〉Healthier and more environmentally friendly than traditional tobaccos
    〉Heating time<10s, allows 150s smoking

    ●Production Details
    〉 Overheating protection: press the button and the red indicator is on. After 20s, the red indicator is off.
    〉 Insufficient power: press the button and the red indicator flashes. Release the button, the red indicator is off.
    〉Do not use the ISMO-1 if you discover or doubt that the ISMO-1 is damaged, altered, scrapped or has been dipped into the liquid. Otherwise, a physical injury may occur.

    ● Product Qualification
    See pictures

    ● Deliver, Shipping and Serving
    〉Speedy Delivery
    〉Provide after-sell warrantyz

    〉Q: How long can I use the ISMO-I once full charged?
    〉A: When the device is under full charged, you can smoke 15 to 20 cigarette till it power off.

    ●Latest News
    〉Verde Electronic Technologies Ltd. was established in 2017. Verde holds patents of the core technologies for integrated E-cig inhaler and atomizer.
    〉The new type of products separates itself from the conventional ones in that it offers various special merits, including reduced harm of tobacco using, elimination of second-hand smoke, robust functionality, novel design, and long standby times, etc. Most importantly, the new technology allows smokers to continue using tobaccos without burning and significant less harms.
    〉Verde aims to continue leading the industry of new tobacco products with a focus on the actual user experience.

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