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    Entire VehicleMain ParameterGross Weight(kg)40450
    Rated Weight(kg)20700
    Curb Weight(kg)19300
    Overall Dimension (L * W * H)(mm)11820*2500*3810
    ChassisChassis ModeCA5420
    Engine ParameterModeCA6DM2-32E4
    Fuel TypeDiesel
    Functional ParameterMax Speed(km/h)80F/R Tread(mm)2020/2020/1830/1830
    Leaf Spring10/10/12F/R Overhang(mm)1470/2600
    Axle Load(kg)8000/ 7600/ 12425/ 12425Approach/Departure angle(°)22/11
    Tire Size12.00-20 16PR, 12.00R20 16PRNumber of Tires12
    Wheelbase(mm)2100+4700+1350, 2100+4300+1350Number of Axles4
    Specialized DeviceTank ParameterWater Tank Capacity:17CBM, Dimension(L*W*H)(mm):4655×2350×1600mm
    Foam tank capacity: 4CBM, dimension(L*W*H)(mm): 1093×2350×1600mm
    The fire sprinklers produced by our company include: Futian Times Fire Sprinkler, Dongfeng Ruiling Fire Sprinkler, Dongfeng Doolika Fire Sprinkler, Dongfeng 145 Fire Sprinkler, Dongfeng Tianjin Fire Sprinkler, and Heavy Steel Haowo Single Bridge Fire Sprinkler Cars, heavy trucks Houwo after the Shuangqiao fire sprinkler and dozens of different types of fire sprinklers.
    ★ The fire sprinkler radically changed the traditional manufacturing method of the sprinkler, and the high-pressure fire-fighting requirements increased the requirements from power traction to power output. The direct power-retrieving engine power output leads to the high-pressure fire pump, which improves the power output of the high-pressure fire pump. The hydraulic output of 30 liters per second has a maximum range of 55 meters and the maximum extinguishing stroke is equivalent to a 32-storey residential building.
    ★ The predecessor of the fire sprinkler is the fire protection function covered by the traditional sprinkler. It not only satisfies some domestic factories, mines, communities and warehousing units, but also can deal with various types of fire fighting work under special circumstances.
    ★ Fire sprinkler and sprinkler comparison: inherited the sprinkler’s full functionality, but also make up for the sprinkler has a small range, low pressure and other issues. In addition to fire-fighting pumps and equipment, fire sprinklers also have large-capacity water storage tanks, water guns, and water cannons. Water and firefighters can be transported to the fire to fight fires on their own. It can also directly save water from water sources, or supply water to other fire engines and fire suppression devices. Better than the function of the fire truck: Because there is no fire truck equipment box, the height of the chassis and the width of the vehicle are more suitable for road conditions in mountains, townships, and villages. It is an advantageous fire-fighting tool for forest firefighting, township and village firefighting.Fire Fighting Truck manufacturers