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    The TH-OH series multi nozzle soft flow dyeing machine main advantage is to increase machine flexibility/ versatility to process all types of fabrics. In this new technical development, the nozzle 3 & 4 are big diameter and fix nozzle with individuel flow control valve. The 1st main nozzle is adjustable. By increasing and decreasing the gap of nozzle, flow and pressure will be increase and decrease as per fabric quality demand. To run this machine as a soft flow machine, increase the gap that decrease the pressure and increase water flow, at that time all three nozzles are working as a soft flow and water flow control individually by control valve as per fabric quality demand.
    Exclusive Features
    * Ultra low liquor ratio: 1:4-6
    * Operating Velocity:400 m/min
    * Dye – 30 to 450 g./mt.sq. Fabrics (woven & knitted fabrics).
    * Number of very soft-flow nozzles & jet nozzles.
    * No pilling effect.
    * Work as a soft flow machine for cotton fabrics.
    * Reduce pollution plant size.
    * No colour inlet pump (optional) – Dozing pump
    * High temp. up to 140° C.
    * Maximal Working Pressure: 0.30Mpa.
    * Capacity 300 to 2400kgs.
    ModelTube QuantityLoad (KG)Installed Power (KW)Operating Power (KW)Dimension (Length X Width X Height)
    TH-OH-882400805612500x5400x3400Soft Flow Dyeing Machine